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Top 6 EdTech and digital certificates platforms

digital certificates platforms

Top 6 EdTech and digital certificates platforms

Most companies and higher education institutions ask prospects to provide digital copies of their certificates. Being able to show digital copies might be convenient, but it is also easy to fake.

Digital certificates are an answer to the rise in ‘fake certificates and transcripts’. Digital credentials are rapidly replacing paper certificates, making forgery more difficult. 

With digital certificates, it is no longer necessary to mail or post photocopies of certificates. You can directly share them with your contacts, potential employers, and educational institutions. You can proudly post your digital certificate on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

Here we present the top 6 edtech and digital certificates provider platforms (not listed by order of preference nor cost).



Blockeducate is a solution to the rising problem of fake certificates. Blockeducate is powered by Blockchain and offers services as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. It aims to eliminate counterfeiting and offers an honest audit trail.

Bringing the smart contracts into play, it safely encrypts certificates on Ethereum Blockchain. Students are given unique badges in wallets through reliable web and mobile platforms. Recruiters can verify an applicant’s educational achievements without requiring the intervention of a certificate awarding body.


Digital certificate

Built on Ethereum blockchain, Certif-ID is a dedicated skills community. It provides an opportunity for educators, freshers, working professionals, and recruiters to network. This network is different from other networking platforms. It allows educational institutions and corporations to list and manage training programs. 

Educators can automate student enrolment and issuing of certificates. The digital certificates are globally accepted, traceable and verifiable. Thereby, creating equal opportunities for skilled professionals around the globe. 

Certif-ID offers cost-effective digital certificates that are easily shareable and verifiable. Recruiters on the platform can source prospects based on competency and verify credentials. This reduces the amount of time recruiting. 



Credly is a globally acclaimed platform helping organisations issue digital credentials. The credentials can be submitted for higher education, job application and corporate training and personal development. 

It not only empowers individuals to secure better opportunities, but it also helps companies to measure impact. Organizations can issue digital credentials using the convenient Credential Dashboard.

Credly issues badges in 195 countries for companies including Pearson, SASB and DELL.



Accredible issues secure, verifiable digital certificates and badges. It protects an organization’s reputation by seamlessly controlling and managing the process. 

The platform can be integrated into an existing workflow with LMS plugins. This means organizations can automate and improve certificate issuing efficiency. It enhances confidence in candidates with a one-click verification guarantee. Integrating with the LMS automates the entire process and saves:

  • Time spent creating and sending certificates 
  • money, by going paperless

Candidates can access and share legitimate certificates when they need to.



OpenCerts is another easy platform to check and verify digital certificates. It offers certificates, issued from any educational institutions to students and employers. OpenCerts creates certificates with a unique digital code which stores information from the certificate on the blockchain.

So, you can open the OpenCerts files on the website and compare and validate its contents stored on the blockchain.

Smart Certificate

Smart Certificate

Schools, universities, training centres, and companies can issue certified documents on Smart Certificate. It offers tools to design, create, manage and deliver secured transcripts, badges, and letters of proof, among others.

These verifiable certificates serve as a significant marketing tool for the organizations. It acts as a badge of trust, changing lives and giving greater credibility to everyone involved. By controlling the flow of documents, they provide better communication and transparency in the education and job sectors.

Digital certificates are the future

Digital certificates or digital credentials offer an extra level of security as they cannot be faked. It is cheaper to produce, easy to create, renew or revoke and can be delivered instantly.

In fact, paper certificates are declining in value. It is time to shift to a more genuine, secure, cost-effective, and controllable option now.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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