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Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency? (4 Reasons Why You Should)

Digital marketing agency

Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency? (4 Reasons Why You Should)

Digital marketing agency Or an in house digital marketing team. If you are wondering the same, you are in the right place!

The Need for Digital Marketing is exponentially increasing. Leading many brands shifting from traditional marketing to Digital marketing.

According to Google’s report published May 2018, 75 to 80% of internet users in India do not spend online yet, However, this percentage is expected to reduce by 2020.

Falling prices of smartphones and cheap data plans offered by telecom operators like Reliance Jio have made the internet available to almost everyone. Creating a huge market in digital media.

The main question now is, if you should have an in-house digital marketing team or hire a digital marketing agency. You can go either way however here is a list of benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency.

Agency will manage your budget more effectively.

Marketing budget management

As a business you will be running ads on many channels, keeping a track of the budget spent is difficult and time-consuming. You have to generate a lot of reports and analyze them conclude on return on ads spent (ROAS).

Digital marketing companies are experts in tracking & managing your campaign’s budget on different channels.

Digital marketing agencies work with many clients at the same time. Agencies develop a process (or) use tools to manage 100s of campaigns on different channels.

Highly specialised services

marketing analysis

As digital marketing is continuously changing and evolving. You need a team which catching up with digital marketing trends.

It is expensive to hire a specialised digital marketing team with experience in all the areas of digital marketing. Your marketing strategy will be varying throughout the year and you would require suitable resource for it.

Example: Your strategy might be SEO, PPC and display at the start of the year and Facebook and Instagram ads at the end of the year. Which means that you are not using your team for the whole year.

On the other hand, a digital marketing firm will be having an excellent team as digital marketing is their main objective. So if you hire a digital marketing firm you will be getting the specialised service.

Strategy tailored to the brands KPI’s & objectives

Brand KPI's

A digital marketing firm will be working with different clients in different industries. They build multichannel strategies tailored to the brand’s Key Performance Indicator and objectives.

Digital marketing is evolving day by day. Two years back influencer marketing was not as popular as it is today. Similarly 5 to 10 years back social media marketing had no existence, however now every company have one or the other form of social media existence. As a result, it is important to keep up with the trend to have high performing campaigns.

A strategy which works very well for one brand might not work for a different brand. A digital marketing agency will research on the target audience and the trends to develop a customised strategy which will help reach the objectives.

Digital marketing firm is cost effective and time-saving.

time saving and cost effective

Hiring a new in house digital marketing team means more employees which means more benefits, additional taxes, more office space, more power etc., in addition to your marketing budget. If you are a startup or an business deciding on setting up a digital marketing team it is a big investment and time-consuming.

If you hire a digital marketing agency, you would be saving a lot of money and your time. Your investment will be only paying for their service. Which is comparatively a good save!

In conclusion, If you are a firm with a huge budget willing to spend time and invest in recruiting an in-house team specialised in all the areas of digital marketing, getting an in-house team would be a good option for you.

On the other hand, if you want high-performing digital marketing campaigns without the stress and at a low investment we would suggest you go with a Digital marketing agency.

Hope you liked our post and we would like to hear from you. Leave a comment on your thoughts.

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