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Marketing In Motion: The Rise Of Video Marketing In B2B


20 February 2024



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Facts do not lie. Video marketing has become one of the most popular forms of marketing across industries, whether it’s B2C, B2B or D2C. In fact, Google’s Consumer Insights show that over 70% of B2B buyers go through videos in their decision-making journey, a surprising revelation for many in the industry who insist it only works for B2C. 

The reason for this is simple. Be it organic, social media or paid marketing, the goal of any digital marketing venture is to capture the attention of potential customers and convince them to trust your brand. And the greatest advantage of video marketing is the ability to create engaging content that is long enough to do just that. 

It took a combination of faster internet speeds, video content-based social media, and ever-adaptive content algorithms for internet giants like Google and Meta to acknowledge the effectiveness of video marketing and start prioritising video content on their platforms. 

What this means for B2B marketers is that organisations must now allocate a larger budget to acquire the best video production services if they want to grab more customers. And invest more in a B2B video marketing agency if they want their videos to actually reach their target audience. 

As a video production company in Bangalore, it’s only obvious that we would go on about the virtues of B2B video marketing. But don’t take our word at face value! We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why B2B companies should invest in video marketing. Check them out below! 

Why B2B Companies Should Invest In Video Marketing

1. It’s attention-grabbing and engaging

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People go through so much content in a single day that it takes a lot to stand out and be remembered. The dynamic nature of videos allows them to tap into both visual and auditory senses while capturing and holding their attention longer than static images. A winning combination to make sure the audience recalls the brand when they look for a product or service.

2. It can increase conversions

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Video marketing is essentially using the same sales pitch for everyone in the target audience. Videos can be used to explain complex products or services, showcase their benefits and address customer pain points all in one go. That’s enough information to convince your audience to buy your product or service.

3. It improves SEO & organic reach

Improves SEO graphic

Search engines and social media platforms love videos! Search for any topic on Google and find video results on top of links to websites. The same goes for social media, as 91% of users prefer videos over other content. This means adding videos to a website or on social media can reach a significantly wider audience.

4. It can create a personal connection

Personal connection graphic

Videos are a great tool for storytelling. A well-planned B2B video marketing campaign can connect with the audience on a personal level by showcasing the brand’s story and values and fostering a sense of community. It can humanise a brand and forge an emotional connection that can build loyalty.

5. It’s versatile and dynamic

Versatile and dynamic graphic

A successful marketing campaign must reach the right audience with the right message. One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is the ability to create versatile content tailored to specific audiences and marketing goals. B2B video marketing can be dynamic enough to handle every type of content, be it short, snappy social media posts or in-depth demonstrations.

6. It brings measurable results

Measurable results graphic

Data is the name of the game when it comes to digital marketing. What video marketing offers is an abundance of data about views, engagement, conversions and even the average length of time spent watching a single video. This not only helps track the effectiveness of the video marketing campaigns but also allows marketers to make changes on the fly to optimise their campaigns.

7. It’s made for mobile

Made for mobile graphic

The vast majority of internet users use smartphones to access the internet. Unlike other forms of content which need to be optimised for different types of devices, video-based content works the same despite the device used to view them. In fact, smartphones are the ideal device to access video content, especially when they are accessed from social media.

8. It’s affordable and accessible

Affordable graphic

Video marketing is more affordable than people think. Hire a good video production company, and they can use the latest technology and tools to produce engaging content at incredibly low costs. Many digital marketing agencies like TargetG provide our own video production services in-house, making them an easily accessible marketing avenue for most organisations.

9. It aligns with consumer preferences

Consumer preferences graphic

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer videos over other forms of content when they want to learn about a product or service. A good marketer should understand what their customers want and answer in kind. Video marketing is the solution to reach customers in their preferred field of play.

10. It’s a necessary step for the future

Necessary step graphic

Video marketing is the future of content marketing. There is no doubt about it. Investing in video marketing now is a necessary step for B2B companies to pave the way for future marketing opportunities. It can help organisations grow their follower count, popularise their YouTube channel and grow their overall expertise in video marketing.

In conclusion, the reasons why companies should heavily invest in video marketing are clear. B2B marketing is no exception to this trend. As the importance of video marketing is rising, video production services have also become more accessible. TargetG is the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, and we moonlight as a video production company with our own in-house experts who excel in B2B video marketing

For B2B companies in Bangalore, TargetG is the best choice for providing a holistic digital marketing experience, as we are experts in all forms of digital marketing services. To 10X your brand, talk to us today!

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