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Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies To Foster Long-Term Customer Relationships


13 December 2023



Email marketing remains one of the best digital marketing strategies in today’s digitally connected world, where communication is often instantaneous. In the era of social media, where there are infinite ways to reach your customers, you may have asked yourself, is email marketing still effective? 

The answer is, of course, a loud YES! 

Emails are the best tools to reach your customers with a personalised message without being affected by constantly updating algorithms. As the channel with the highest conversion rates, email marketing is essential to engage and retain customers for a long time. 

In this article, we will delve into the 10 best email marketing strategies that will be perfect for your business. First, we must understand email marketing and why it is important. 

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that lets your business share information with your customers en masse. This information can take any form, and with the help of modern software, you can personalise this information to each customer according to the situation. 

As emails are the most common form of online identity, far surpassing social media profiles, emails have the highest reach when it comes to direct communication. No other form of direct marketing can achieve this level of reach.

The Different Types of Email Marketing

Email marketing types generally fall under four main categories. They are classified on the basis of the purpose they serve. Each email type has its own place in a digital marketing strategy and will tell you when to use email marketing effectively. 

1. Customer Retention Emails

This is the most important type of email marketing. These emails include welcome emails, regular updates, user-generated content, and other updates. This type of email marketing aims to increase customer engagement with the brand and make them feel valued. There are online tools that can help you create customised emails for each customer for different occasions.

Take a look at how Beats Music uses emails to target customers who have not bought their subscription plan with a creative email campaign.

Customer Retention Email Example Graphic

2. Promotional Emails

This type of email is simple. Periodic emails detailing promotional activities will be sent to the customer. Each email will end with a Call To Action asking customers to visit your website or make a purchase. 

The downside of this type of email marketing is that newer algorithms tend to group these types of emails into specific categories like your Spam Folder. But the advantage of your brand name regularly appearing in their inbox is still a win. 

Here is an instance of a promotional email from Loisa showcasing how they enticed their customers to make purchases with an irresistible discount offer.

3. Informational Emails

This category of emails usually includes newsletters or similar services that periodically provide information beyond promotional activities. Informational emails aim to retain customer engagement and promote other associated products and services. 

Below, we have an example from Rael that uses informational emails to educate the audience and keep them waiting for more.

4. Transactional Emails

This is a category of email that everyone will be familiar with. Transactional emails are automated emails sent to the customer as a response to their actions. They could be confirmation, verification, invoice or any such emails. They have been shown to develop a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Here’s an example of an automated transactional email from Eventbrite requesting to complete the verification process.

10 Email Marketing Strategies To Foster Long-Term Customer Relationships

Now that we have that covered let’s look at the best email marketing strategies for building lasting customer relationships.

1. Personalisation 

The most significant advantage of email marketing in digital marketing, compared to other types, is the ability to send personalised communications. Use this to your advantage to make your customers feel valued – they are more likely to click on an email with their name in the Subject Line.

2. Automation

One advantage email marketing always had over other forms of communication was the ability to send the same message en masse. 

Now, with the help of online tools, you can send personalised content tailored to each customer. If you decide to invest in email marketing, make sure to invest in automation. 

3. Segmentation

This is a rule of thumb for any marketing campaign. Always classify your customers based on various criteria. 

In the case of email marketing, you can make different address lists based on each category to further personalise the type of content you send out. 

4. Optimisation

As most people use different devices to access their email, optimising your content to fit any screen is crucial. 

No one wants to read an email where they have to scroll sideways and zoom in and out just to read a sentence. You must ensure you provide a smooth user experience for your customers when they read your email.

5. Engagement

If you want to foster customer engagement, the first step is to provide engaging content. Make the customer feel valued and feel that they can express their opinions. Consistently provide prompt responses and keep the conversation going. When the customer feels that you take their concerns seriously, they are more likely to trust your brand.

6. Analytics

Data is the name of the game. Always keep track of email marketing metrics to ensure your emails are being read and your objectives have been achieved. Online automation tools, like HubSpot, will help you track all the necessary metrics, so all you need to do is adjust your email marketing strategies accordingly. 

7. Interaction

Make sure that the emails you send out have an interactive interface. Provide CTA buttons and preset responses so that customers can respond without composing an entire email. The more convenient the customer feels towards any interaction with your business, the more positive responses you will receive. 

8. Feedback

One of the best email marketing tips you will ever receive is to seek feedback constantly. It is always a good idea to periodically send surveys and forms to seek customer feedback. 

This has the double advantage of making the customers feel that you value their opinions while giving you direction to improve your marketing strategies. 

9. A/B Testing

One of the most significant challenges of email marketing is standing out of the relatively long list of emails in your inbox. 

Your email marketing efforts may yield different results than you hoped, and this could happen for a multitude of reasons, either your email landing up in the spam folder or even the subject line seeming uninteresting, which is why it is vital to try new strategies. 

Almost every online tool that helps with email marketing has a function dedicated to A/B testing to ensure you can avoid landing your email in the trash.

10. Choice

Modern communication is all about consent. You have the power to ensure that your emails go out as valuable information rather than as fliers that people do not notice. 

Choosing to opt out of your periodic emails goes a long way in ensuring your customers do not feel any inconvenience towards your business. Major email service providers even use this as a marker to confirm whether the email lands in their inbox or spam folder.

We hope these 10 email marketing strategies have given you an idea of how to foster long-term relationships with your customers. Building a loyal audience requires clear and consistent communication. The more you follow this philosophy in email marketing, the better the relationship you foster. 

If you feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to keep track of, you can always hire a professional email marketing service provider. TargetG is the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, and we are well-equipped to ensure that your email marketing objectives are fulfilled. 

Contact us today to take the next step towards building a better relationship with your customers!

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