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How To Build A B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy


4 April 2024



If someone tells you that social media marketing only works for B2C, it means they haven’t been keeping in touch with the latest trends. 

According to the latest reports, over 95% of B2B marketers use social media as part of their marketing strategy. If so many are on board, there’s obviously something to gain from it. 

We at TargetG believe that a business should use every tool available to market its brand. And if social media is so useful for B2B marketing, then we have no complaints about this trend. 

That’s why we’re going to tell you how you can build an amazing social media marketing strategy for your B2B business! 

How To Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your B2B Business

1. Be SMART About It

Setting goals is nice. Being smart about setting goals is not just great, but it’ll help you in every step of your marketing journey. 

SMART is a framework for setting goals and objectives. They are followed in every field of a business, including project management, human resource development and yes, marketing. 

We mention this here because many often think that using social media is all about posting content on a platform to get likes and followers. 

For businesses, especially B2B businesses, such an effort is a waste of resources. Yes, likes and followers are important, but there are many other KPIs like reach, CTRs and CPCs that will help your business reach its objectives. 

As the first stage of creating a marketing strategy involves setting goals and objectives, it’s necessary to do it the right way. And the right way is to follow these simple guidelines:

Be Specific

Don’t be vague about your objectives. Be very specific when you set your objectives so you know exactly what to look for to see if your campaign is succeeding or not. 

For example, if you want to increase your brand awareness, you can track the views and impressions of your content. But if your objective is to bring more customers to your website, then you can track how many of your visitors come from that platform. 

Being clear about your objectives will help you tweak your marketing strategy to achieve them more effectively. Follow these guidelines to set effective goals for your social media marketing campaigns.

Be Measurable

There’s no use setting objectives if you can’t measure them. Once you know your ultimate goal, define the KPIs and ensure you have the tools to track and analyse them. 

Taking the above example, views and impressions are a good metric to calculate your brand awareness, while Google Analytics can give you data about visitors to your website. 

If your goals have KPIs that are impossible to measure, then you will have trouble finding out if your campaign is working or not.

Be Attainable

It’s always good to aim high. But being realistic about your objectives is just as important. No one wants to sit through a presentation where you’re told that you’ve failed to achieve any of your objectives. 

But being realistic does not mean that you should set easily achievable goals. Aim for positive, achievable goals that will help your business grow.

Be Relevant

This is where most businesses fail in social media marketing. Making sure that your goals are relevant to your business and the overall marketing strategy is very important. 

For B2B businesses, the objectives could be generating leads, building a relationship with the customers, improving the brand image etc. Getting a high number of likes and followers is irrelevant if it does not help your business grow.

Be Time-Bound

The most important part about setting goals is to set a timeline to achieve those goals. This will help you review how effective your marketing strategy is and make improvements going forward. 

Time-bound goals are necessary to ensure that your future goals are achievable. 

2. Take A Look At Your Competitors

The thing about social media is that everything is out in the open. This means you can spy on your competitors all you want. 

We don’t advise following everything your competitors do. But if they’re doing something great, it’s a good opportunity to take some inspiration. And if they’re doing something wrong, avoid it. 

Keeping track of your competitors is also a good way to find new opportunities. For example, if you find a good platform where their presence is low, make extra effort to increase your brand presence there.

The biggest advantage of keeping a close eye on your competitors is when you’re just starting out. B2B businesses require a different approach to social media than B2C. Knowing the right ways to connect with those in specific industries requires knowledge you can get by analysing your competitors.

3. Be Engaging

Contrary to what the term B2B marketing implies, the target of your marketing strategy is not a business but an individual representing a business. 

Using personalised messaging, building a good relationship, and making customers trust your business are the best ways to use social media for B2B businesses. 

Social media is an incredible tool to let your customers know that you care about them. Ask them for their opinions and reply to their enquiries to keep the conversation going. The more you engage with them, the bigger real estate your business takes up in their minds.

4. Humanise Your Business

People are more comfortable when they interact with another person. That’s why many brands on social media portray themselves with an engaging personality. 

Use social media to tell your customers that your business is not a monolithic organisation but a group of people working together. Highlight your employees and show how much they enjoy working for your business. That’s a great way to humanise your business. 

Humanising your business has one more advantage that’s really useful for B2B businesses. Unlike most B2C businesses where the purchase decision is instant, purchase decisions in B2B take a lot of deliberation and planning. Humanising your business will show your customers that your business is open to communication and discussions.

5. Consider Hiring Influencers

Social media influencers are one of the best ways to market a brand these days. Just like there are influencers whose audiences include B2C consumers, there are influencers who have a loyal following of business and industry leaders. 

These influencers could be industry experts, thought leaders or social media influencers who specialise in industry-specific content. They usually have a targeted audience who are extremely loyal to them. 
The best part about using influencers is their high conversion rate. Out of every channel in marketing, influencers command an incredibly high average conversion rate, making them one of the most useful tools for a marketing campaign.

6. Use Video Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns are all about what’s trending. And what’s trending when it comes to B2B marketing is video marketing. Unlike what many would think, video marketing is extremely useful for B2B marketing. 

In fact, Google’s Consumer Insights claims that over 70% of B2B buyers go through videos in their customer journey. That’s because video marketing offers many benefits that are especially beneficial for B2B businesses. 
To know more about the benefits of video marketing, read this blog.

7. Embrace The Power Of LinkedIn

It’s impossible to talk about social media for B2B businesses without mentioning the most popular B2B-focused platform. LinkedIn is not just a platform for working professionals, it’s a platform for businesses to network with each other. 

Establishing a presence on LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other businesses and create a unique brand identity. For B2B businesses, the majority of social media marketing would take place on LinkedIn. 

Connecting with other businesses, engaging with prospective customers and establishing a brand presence are the fundamentals of any B2B marketing strategy. Social media is a tool that will let your business achieve them all. 

These social media marketing strategies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to B2B marketing. If you don’t have the right expertise to manage social media or want to focus more on your business, we recommend hiring experts. That’s especially the case if you run a B2B business, as it requires specialised knowledge and experience. 

If you are looking for an expert, TargetG is here to help. As the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we have years of experience helping B2B businesses thrive on social media. To elevate your social media marketing strategies, talk to us today!

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