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5 Best Ways to Get Content Ideas to Keep Your Blog Visitors Engaged


15 June 2023



5 Best Ways to Get Content Ideas to Keep Your Blog Visitors Engaged

Companies that consistently publish a good variety of engaging content over long periods of time usually enjoy the highest website traffic and popularity. 

There always seems to be a constant supply of topics that companies can cover but after some time, even the most veteran writers and researchers find it difficult to come up with new, engaging topics that will excite the readers.

By including some freedom and creativity, a writer can find inspiration from practically anywhere, even the simplest of things can help.

So in this post, we’ll cover the 5 best ways to find content ideas for your blog to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. 

1. Use Google News

Possibly one of the easiest ways to find inspiration for content but Google News is definitely an excellent way to do so.

Search for the industry you’re involved in on Google News, and go through the suggested articles to find new trends and keywords in order to find an engaging approach to write up an interesting piece on them

This can help you devise a solid topic for your next blog post.

2. Keep An Eye Out on Social Media Groups and General Forums

Finding social media groups is relatively easy, where it could be on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Quora it doesn’t matter.

Analyze the posts and comments within the groups where your target audience can be found. See what is trending and observe their conversations for ideas for targeted content.

3. Use Your Own Research

Relevant research and statistics about your industry can be an excellent way to generate more traffic towards your website.

Specifically, content that provides an overview about what your industry has recently delved into or done can be a great way to encourage people to visit your blog post and cite the research done.

4. Look at Your Competition or Other Industry Blogs

Looking at what your competition has been writing about can provide you with diverse content ideas, and even help point out the areas you have either forgotten about or neglected so far.

By simply taking a look at the Industry landscape, such as what kind of content are other blogs posting, you can take note of the topics you have yet to cover.

Now no one is saying copy the topics, but you can definitely use the research as a starting point, and even go further in making more detailed content on those topics.

5. Listen to Podcasts and Look At The Titles and Descriptions

Podcasts have an array of information that can help you come up with thought-provoking content ideas and topics.

By listening to a podcast, you can come up with plenty of ideas. You can either expand on what’s already being spoken about or maybe something from the podcast will lead way to a whole new topic.

The title and description of the podcasts can also be a great way to get ideas for research and topics.

Bonus tip:

Use Google Search Autocomple All you have to do is search a keyword related to the types of content that has worked well for your blog post, or business in the past. 

Then take note of all the suggestions of phrases that pop up in the Google search bar. Next, search those phrases and check out the content that is being published on those specific topics. There you’ll have an easy way in finding appealing content ideas for your blog post.

Nobody likes being stuck and unable to find new ideas to keep them moving forward. However, with these easy steps to get the best content ideas, hopefully, you will never have to go through another writer’s block again. 

Finally, remember that in order to get great ideas, you will have to do your research! That is the key to creating engaging content for your readers to be captivated by.


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