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A Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing For Business


8 May 2024



LinkedIn marketing is essential for any business. With over 1 billion active users worldwide, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Not using it is the equivalent of marketing your business with one hand tied behind your back.

For any business looking to boost its online presence through social media, being active on LinkedIn is incredibly important. It can not only increase your brand visibility but also help your business grow relationships with those in the industry.  

In this beginner’s guide to LinkedIn marketing for business, we’ll take you through what it is, why you should do it, and how to get started with it.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing refers to using LinkedIn to improve your brand presence, generate leads, and form connections with your target audience. It is an incredibly effective way to market your business in the current age of social media.

Why Use LinkedIn Marketing?

As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a very effective tool to market your business online. It has many advantages your brand could use to grow your business. Some of them are as follows:

1. Generate Leads

One of the biggest advantages of using LinkedIn marketing is the ability to generate leads. According to recent statistics, the conversion rate of LinkedIn visitors to leads is 2.74%. That’s three times more than both Facebook and Twitter!

2. Improve Brand Awareness

Social media has many benefits, but the most well-known one is how it can increase your brand awareness. LinkedIn is no exception. What separates LinkedIn from the rest is how it can improve your brand awareness in the right networks. This is especially useful for B2B businesses.

3. Make Connections

No business exists in a vacuum. Every business needs to form connections to thrive in today’s competitive environment. It could be influential individuals, skilled professionals or even other businesses. LinkedIn marketing allows your business to form connections with your target audience. 

An example of this is Salesforce. They routinely post marketing tips and resources that can be used by sales executives and businesses, i.e., their target audience. This creates a strong connection with their audience and makes running future marketing campaigns easier.

4. Drive Website Traffic

Many businesses use online means to generate leads and sell their products or services. Through effective LinkedIn marketing campaigns, you can use your LinkedIn profile to drive customers to your website. You can do this by posting external links on your posts and adding a link to your website on your LinkedIn profile. In fact, LinkedIn has introduced a “visit our website” button so that you can add your website directly to your profile. 

These are just the tip of the iceberg. LinkedIn has all the advantages of a regular social media platform in addition to platform-specific advantages. Now that you know why you should use it, let’s take a look at how to use LinkedIn marketing for your business.

How To Use LinkedIn Marketing For Business

1. Define Your Objectives

The first step to using LinkedIn marketing is to define your objectives. Is it to increase your brand awareness, generate leads or drive website traffic? Or is it to form connections with other businesses or individuals? Having clear objectives will help you create the perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy.

2. Optimise Your LinkedIn Company Page

A screenshot of a LinkedIn Company page optimised for LinkedIn marketing for business

If you are using a LinkedIn business page, it’s necessary to tell your visitors what you are offering. Highlight your products and services, include links to your website and upload engaging media like videos and images. 

This will not just help your visitors identify what your business is about but also help LinkedIn’s algorithms display your posts to the right audience. You can even add your products and services to the “Products” section to display your products or show your hiring options on your profile.

3. Create A Content Strategy

Examples of different types of content used in LinkedIn marketing for business

Having an optimised LinkedIn business page is the first step to starting LinkedIn marketing. To achieve your objectives, you need to develop an effective content strategy. 

LinkedIn offers a variety of content options. Use polls, text posts, videos or carousels to create engaging content. B2B LinkedIn pages can also use the webinar feature to raise brand awareness or generate leads.

4. Use Employee Profiles

One unique feature of LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms is how organisations are connected to individual employees. In LinkedIn, every individual profile represents the organisations they are associated with and vice versa. 

This means you can have your employees post content to help you achieve your LinkedIn marketing objectives. This will ensure that your business can connect with a much larger network.

5. Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has mainly five options when it comes to paid advertising. Depending on your objectives, each type has its own effectiveness. These are the 5 types of LinkedIn Ads you can use for  your business:

I. Sponsored Content

An example of sponsored content used in LinkedIn marketing for business

This feature lets you highlight specific posts on your profile to display them to your target audience in their feed. The posts use a complex system of algorithms to ensure that the right audience sees your content. It is very similar to other social media, where you pay the platform to increase the reach of your content.

II. Sponsored Messages

An Example of sponsored message used in LinkedIn marketing for business

One of the best ways to foster lasting relationships is through personalised messaging. LinkedIn can identify potential leads and send sponsored messages right to their inbox. From here, your sales team can take over the conversation to convert those leads to customers.

III. Conversation Ads

An example of conversation ads used in LinkedIn marketing for business

This is a unique feature of LinkedIn that was created especially for LinkedIn marketing. Conversation Ads lets you create a customer journey for your potential leads through their inbox. 

Using pre-defined and AI-generated messages, these ads can respond to enquiries and react differently depending on the lead’s position in the marketing funnel. It can also change your potential customers from cold leads to warm leads and eventually convince them to make a purchase decision.

IV. Lead Generation Forms

An example of a lead generation form used in LinkedIn marketing for business

LinkedIn is specially designed to assist in lead generation. One example of this is the existence of lead generation forms. You can pay LinkedIn to display these forms to collect and record data from individual profiles. This will help your business identify potential leads.

V. Text Ads

An example of text ads used in LinkedIn marketing for business

Finally, you have text ads. This is similar to ads on other platforms such as social media and Google. LinkedIn Text Ads are a more condensed version of sponsored content. But instead of appearing naturally like other posts, these are highlighted as ads.

6. Monitor And Improve

A screenshot of the LinkedIn dashboard used for monitoring LinkedIn marketing for business

You can monitor the performance of your LinkedIn ads and content using LinkedIn Analytics or other third-party tools like SproutSocial or HootSuite. Through continuous monitoring, you can identify areas of improvement and act on them. 

Using these steps, you can guarantee the success of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. However, using them effectively is not that simple. Here are a few LinkedIn marketing tips to help you along the way.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

1. Use #Hashtags

Use the right hashtags to ensure that the algorithm picks up your content and displays it to the right audience.

2. Know When To Post

Millions of posts are posted every day on LinkedIn. Sometimes, your posts can get buried without your target audience ever seeing them. Use proper research to identify the right time to post so that your posts remain visible.

3. Post Consistently

Regular posts at similar intervals will let your audience know when to look out for your content. Create a schedule for your posts for the best results.

4. Create A Variety Of Posts

Don’t limit your posts to the same type. Videos, images, texts and articles all attract a different audience. Use the right mix of post types to get the most effective results.

5. Join LinkedIn Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are a very good way to connect with a network. Especially for B2B LinkedIn marketing, industry-specific groups are a treasure trove of connections. By joining these groups, you can organically promote your business to the right target audience.

LinkedIn marketing is incredibly useful but takes time and effort to master. If you believe your time and efforts are better spent focusing on your core business activities, you can hire a digital marketing agency to help you. 

TargetG is one such agency. As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, we strive to help our customers thrive on the Internet. Talk to us today to take the first step towards using LinkedIn marketing to grow your business.

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