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9 Best AI Marketing Tools Of 2024


19 June 2024



Artificial intelligence is revolutionising how you run a business, from interacting with customers to automating factory production. So why not use them for your marketing efforts as well? We bring you the top 9 AI marketing tools of 2024 that you can use to improve your marketing efficiency and increase your ROI.

What Is An AI Marketing Tool?

An AI marketing tool is software or program that uses the power of AI and machine learning to enhance the execution of marketing tasks. AI’s ability to be predictive based on provided data makes it incredibly useful for repetitive tasks.

This does not mean that it is a replacement for a digital marketing agency. It is still a tool, which can bring incredible results when used effectively. Now let’s take a look at the top AI marketing tools available right now.

Top AI Marketing Tools For Content Writing

1. Jasper

Logo of Jasper AI marketing tool for content writing

Jasper is an AI marketing tool specially designed for content writing. It has a very intuitive user interface that lets you select multiple aspects of your required content and generate content that matches your preferences.

From blogs to copywriting, Jasper covers the entire spectrum of content writing. The user interface makes it easy for anyone to generate any type of content required.

The experienced professionals behind Jasper make sure that the AI generates content that reads like a professional writer wrote it.

Add in the fact that Jasper can also generate visual content, and you can ensure that your content is engaging and visually appealing.

Jasper Pricing

Creator (Standard/single-user model: ₹3,247/mo

Pro (Professional/multi-user model): ₹4,912/mo

Business (Enterprise model): Based on requirements

2. Grammarly

 Logo of Grammarly AI marketing tool for content writing

There are many AI tools free to use available online, but none are as great as Grammarly. It is an absolute necessity for any web content writer. Even before AI marketing tools became popular, Grammarly was incredibly popular. However, with the inclusion of AI, Grammarly is now capable of more than a spelling and plagiarism check.

Grammarly AI has many features that make writing content more efficient. Some of the more prominent features a content writer would appreciate include:

  • Identifying the brand voice and writing style

  • Finding spelling, grammar, and style errors, providing instant corrections

  • A GPT-based chatbot to generate ideas and paraphrase content

  • Identifying areas of improvement and providing instant suggestions

Grammarly can also integrate with popular writing tools such as Word and Google Docs, so you don’t even have to visit their website to use it. However, this feature is not available for the free version of Grammarly.

Grammarly Pricing

Premium (Standard/single-user model): ₹984/mo

Business (Professional/multi-user model): ₹1249/mo per user

Enterprise: Based on requirements

3. CopyAI

Logo of CopyAI

CopyAI is one of the best AI marketing tools for writing content. It is very similar to other Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) applications but geared specifically towards content creation.

Like any other GPT application, you only need to enter a prompt for the AI tool to generate the required content. However, what makes CopyAI unique is that professionals with content writing experience manage the prompt management library.

CopyAI is also one of the best free AI tools for blog writing in the market. However, the number of locked features in this plan may not appeal to professional bloggers or copywriters.

Copy AI Pricing

Starter (Standard/single-user model): ₹2,997/mo

Advanced (Professional/multi-user model): ₹15,486/mo

Enterprise: Based on requirements

Top AI Marketing Tools For Graphic Designing

1. Adobe Firefly

Logo of Adobe Firefly

Ask any graphic designer, and they will be familiar with Adobe. As the biggest name in the field, it is obvious that they’ll have one of the best AI tools for graphic design.

Using a text-to-image model similar to GPT, Firefly lets you generate amazing designs with a simple prompt. Using the visual interface, you can change individual aspects of the prompt to get the right image for your requirements.

Firefly’s biggest feature is also one of its greatest advantages. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package, meaning it can integrate easily with other products in the package. It also means that it is free for anyone with access to Creative Cloud.

Firefly works by letting users generate images in exchange for credits. The subscription plan chosen limits these credits, which reset every month.

Adobe Firefly Pricing:

Basic (25 credits): Free

Premium (100 credits): ₹399/mo

Complete: ₹799/mo

2. Midjourney

Logo of Midjourney

Perhaps one of the most popular AI tools for graphic design, Midjourney, is the best AI tool for creating realistic images.

Midjourney uses the same text-to-image model as most generative AI tools. However, the difference ends there. Unlike other AI tools for graphic design, Midjourney does not instantly generate an image upon command.

To generate an image on Midjourney, you must join their Discord server and enter your request there. This request will then be processed by powerful AI programs to generate your required image.

This delay may seem like a drawback; however, the results speak for themselves: You will receive incredibly realistic images that match your request. You can still opt to speed up your request using fast-generation credits.

Midjourney Pricing

Basic (0h credit): ₹833/mo

Standard (15h credits): ₹2,500/mo

Pro (30h credits): ₹5,000/mo

Mega (60h credits): ₹10,000/mo

3. Khroma

Logo of Khroma

Being creative or looking beautiful is not enough to stand out. When it comes to marketing, subtle signs are what catch a customer’s eye or keep them interested. That’s where Khroma comes in.

Unlike other AI tools for graphic design with incredible features, Khroma is very simple. In fact, it doesn’t even generate images. What Khroma does is help you find the perfect colour for your designs.

Be it a banner on your website, a social media post, or a video caption, Khroma can use the power of AI to find the exact colour or palette that will help you achieve your objective.

It might sound too simple, but this can be immensely helpful for a graphic designer. And the best part? It’s completely free.

Khroma Pricing


Top AI Marketing Tools For SEO

1. Alli AI

Logo of Alli AI

The best part about AI is that it can automate tasks requiring little direct input. This is no more obvious when you look at Alli AI. This powerful AI marketing tool can automate SEO in bulk, saving you hours of effort.

That’s not all. Alli AI can improve website performance by optimising images and text, generating schema markups, and even automatically performing A/B testing on web pages.

Alli AI is made for large organisations with an extensive website. Especially for websites with constant changes like e-commerce stores, Alli AI can be a real blessing.

Alli AI Pricing

Business: ₹24,915/mo

Agency: ₹58,245/mo

Enterprise: ₹99,910/mo

2. Surfer AI

Logo of Surfer AI

Surfer is considered one of the best AI marketing tools for SEO. It is a comprehensive SEO intelligence tool that tells you how to optimise your website.

The AI used by Surfer can analyse trends, search results, and search intent to identify keywords that can help your website rank on SERPs. Furthermore, it can create content clusters using these keywords and help you create content incorporating them.

Creating an SEO strategy will be a breeze with Surfer at your fingertips. The AI-backed content editor can then help you implement that content strategy. If you had to pick a single one among the many AI marketing tools available for SEO, picking Surfer would be the best choice.

Surfer AI Pricing

Essential: ₹7,415

Scaled: ₹10,750

Scaled (with AI-generated content): ₹18,250

Enterprise: Based on requirements

3. Frase AI

Logo of Frase

An AI marketing tool specifically built for on-page SEO, Frase AI can help you optimise existing content on your website to rank higher on SERPs.

The only thing you need to do is to enter the search query you want to rank for. From here, Frase AI will analyse the top results on SERPs and help you create content with the help of its amazing content editor.

It will help you explore the best way to create your content, from headers to links and images you should include to reach a higher rank. It can even tell you how many times a keyword should be added to the page to help it rank.

Frase AI Pricing

Solo: ₹1,250

Basic: ₹3,750

Team: ₹9,585

As you can see, AI marketing tools can be used in many ways. And each way can help your organisation in as many ways. How? Let’s take a look.

What Are The Benefits Of AI Marketing Tools?

AI marketing can use predictive analysis and Natural Language Processing to generate content, prepare reports, and automate repetitive tasks. Here’s a list of benefits AI marketing tools can bring your business.

1. Predict Customer Behaviour

With millions of users on the internet, analysing the behaviour of your target audience can become difficult. However, an AI marketing tool can sift through terabytes of data to not only analyse their behaviour but also predict their future behaviour.

With this information, you can target them when they will most likely be receptive to your offerings.

2. Analyse Customer Engagement

How your customers engage with your content, messaging, and ads can determine the success of your marketing campaign. AI marketing tools can help you analyse the decisions of millions of users as they engage with your brand.

AI marketing tools can also compare your customers’ different decisions and help you identify what works and what doesn’t.

3. Personalise Customer Experiences

AI marketing tools can generate content and react to new information on the fly. Combined, these can create a personalised experience for your customers based on their interaction with your brand.

LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads are great examples of this in action. This can also increase the efficiency of lead generation.

4. Provide Customer Support

One of the biggest strengths of AI is its ability to respond to queries. By using Natural Language Processing, it is capable of holding engaging conversations and providing instant responses.

This strength is best seen in AI Chatbots, which are used to provide online customer support. It can instantly respond to whatever the customer asks and provide resolutions on the go.

5. Optimise Content

AI marketing tools can not only analyse data you input but also scour the internet for additional information. Using this feature, they can help you create content that is optimised to increase reach, customer engagement, and trends on social media.

6. Automate Repetitive Tasks

Finally, AI marketing tools can easily automate repetitive tasks. Using machine learning, they can learn certain behaviours and perform them again with no additional input.

This can increase efficiency and punctuality, lower costs, and, combined with the other benefits listed above, massively improve your marketing efforts.

AI marketing tools are incredible additions to enhance your marketing efforts. From increasing your efficiency to helping you create amazing content, AI marketing tools can change how you market your business. However, they are still tools.

As helpful as these tools are, they can only shine when used by experts. A digital marketing agency can be an example of these experts. They can be the bridge between your business and these AI marketing tools.

We at TargetG have years of experience using the latest AI marketing tools to help our clients. With us by your side, you don’t need to bother learning and managing these tools. We’ll take care of it for you. So, talk to us today and begin your journey into AI-enhanced marketing.

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