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7 ways to get clients on Linkedin


15 August 2023



7 ways to get clients on Linkedin

Have you reached a stalemate on LinkedIn? Are you unsure how to use the platform effectively? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve included a rundown of our LinkedIn routines that have helped us generate a lot of traction. We hope this aids you in your planning!

Linkedin is one of the most effective channels for promoting your company and yourself. The platform is a blessing to businesses and brands if handled correctly. There are various ways to contact potential customers and engage with them. So, let’s have a look at the seven different approaches to obtaining clients on Linkedin. 

1. Define your company’s objectives

Defining what you offer (product or service) in the early stage makes a difference. It’s easier to focus on what you want to achieve from interacting on LinkedIn if you know what your company goals are. Objectives such as brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and customer retention can be achieved with the help of Linkedin. Also, it would be helpful to create posts based on what your business offers.

2. Know your target audience

The audience you intend to target is directly related to your brand identity. Knowing what problem your product/service solves can help you target the proper audience.
Follow these hacks to make it better for your business:
  • Identify your audience, understand and create your buyer persona. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your target audience. It can be segmented by demography, psychography, and other factors.
  • Find out what kind of users engage on your competitors’ content pieces. To be precise, look out for the comments shared by their users on the posts.
  • Keep a track of relevant brand topics and news developments across the web. This will also help in curating content for your audience.

3. Check what your competitors are doing

Social learning has long been a great method of self-improvement. Knowing who your rivals are and what they’re up to will aid you in developing your LinkedIn strategies. Comprehensive research of their content and tactics can be used as a test for your brand to determine whether or not their strategies can be replicated or tweaked to suit your audience. 

  • Keep an eye out for your top competitors.
  • Find out which of their social media outlets are the most effective.
  • Determine which content pieces operate best for them.
  • Analyze what their clients’ requirements are.

To acquire broader insights, it’s usually a good idea to perform a competitor analysis.

Your Linkedin profile must deliver useful information to both your readers and your brand. Lead generation is possible by giving freebies, but the right kind that are of use to the LinkedIn audience. Here are some high-quality content ideas to help your organization reach a wider audience.

-sales graphs


-client success stories

-building a brand image 

-informing your followers what the brand stands for and its values 


These are a few methods for nailing your high-quality content.  You may also leverage the Call-to-Action buttons to direct potential website visitors.

Pro-tip: Posts like industry news and research, listicles, quick tips, company updates, and blog posts work well on LinkedIn. 

5. Join and participate in relevant Linkedin groups

Linkedin features a variety of professional groups for users to interact with and make new connections. Participating in group discussions and being a part of them can help your brand become more visible and also help to build relationships with potential clients. Look for LinkedIn groups that you think you might be a part of and connect with them!
Here are some pointers to see if you are in the right group:

  • The group is active for at least 5 days of the week. 
  • The members of your LinkedIn group are engaging with your content through reactions and comments.
  • Joining a spam group is not a good idea.
  • Finding people in your Linkedin group that are interested in talking about your product or service is beneficial.

6. Add and follow new connections on a daily basis

The suggestion sidebar assists you in making LinkedIn connections with people who are related to your company and profile. Every day, add new contacts to your list by studying the suggested profile and attempting to strike up a discussion with them if they match your target audience. Making a connection on LinkedIn can be as easy as introducing yourself and your business. Engage with their content because this will persuade them to do the same with yours hence completing one task: increased engagement.

Pro tip: Ask those who have visited your profile what they are looking for or what brought them to your profile by following them or starting conversations with them. This forms new relationships and the discovery of what people are looking for.

7. Boost your search engine optimization

Because Linkedin functions similarly to search engines, if you don’t keep your keyword consistency, you’ll be limiting your potential clients. In your ‘About’ section, include relevant keywords and hashtags, as well as a link to your website. Writing a compelling, keyword-consistent slogan will allow people to quickly recognize your site. 

Increasing SEO helps to increase traffic and create a more focused user experience. Along with adding keywords, it is important to make sure that the company page is set up completely to show up consistently on the search results.

These are the top 7 techniques to obtain clients on Linkedin, however, there are many more. All you have to do is go through the platform on a regular basis and interact with different pages to find what works for you. A daily twenty-minute Linkedin exercise can help you achieve your targets more quickly!

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