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10 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies To Convert Customers


14 November 2023



Brands that never adapt to the changing world will always lose out to newer players. Many say that all a brand needs to do to thrive is good marketing. Well, they are not wrong. 

Social Media Marketing is a vital component of digital marketing, offering the audience a space to interact with brands and people from across the globe through the Internet. As people spend more time online, your brand needs to find more creative ways to engage them.

From engaging prospective customers through different social media platforms to leveraging an influencer’s reach to promote your business, social media growth strategies come in all shapes and sizes. The right strategy can elevate your brand to new heights.

Modern marketing strategies are incomplete without proper Social Media Marketing strategies to connect, engage and convert new customers. If you want your business to keep growing, it is important to build a good online presence that will continue to increase your customer base. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 effective Social Media Marketing strategies you definitely need to get for your business. Read ahead and find out how you can improve your online presence with social media! 

1. Set Relevant But Realistic Goals

Don’t head into Social media marketing with guns blazing! 

Start off by finding out exactly what you want each campaign to achieve. Create achievable goals and build up your proficiency in the area. A Social Media Marketing agency will definitely help you set some of these goals and set your brand on a course of action. It is always a good idea to seek help, especially when you are starting out.

Set relevant goals for your social media marketing

Your entire Social Media Marketing strategy depends on these goals, so be sure to spend a good amount of time getting this step right. It is always best to set SMART marketing objectives. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This way, you will not only have a clear idea of the objectives but also a list of relevant metrics you can keep track of.

The last step here is to create a workable budget to achieve your goals. You can do a lot of Social Media Marketing without spending a penny, but you can do a lot more with the right budget and clear-cut goals. 

2. Know Your Enemy 

The best way to set relevant goals is to find out what your competitors are up to on social media. While some may still be waking up to the benefits of social media, a few could be many steps ahead of you with a loyal audience. Observe and learn from them what they did right and especially what they did wrong.

This does not mean that you rip off their social media strategies and adopt them as yours. What works for one brand may not necessarily work for another. 

Analyse your competition's social media strategies

Once you have an idea of what strategies your competitors are employing, the more informed your strategy will be. Plus, finding out their strengths and weaknesses will help allocate your brand’s resources efficiently. 

3. Let The Data Be With You 

Data is everything. This phrase is just as relevant for Social Media Marketing as it is for traditional marketing. 

If you are a new or a small business, you can make the most of Social Media Marketing with easily accessible online tools. These tools can compile relevant data and perform tasks with little effort, helping you make and change decisions for your marketing strategy. 

Analysing your social media metrics is key to nailing your social media strategies

There are enough tools available to gather key metrics that are relevant to your brand. From identifying the right keywords to use on social media posts to a detailed analysis of how your posts are performing on different platforms, you can find tools for anything. 

Make full use of these tools and ensure that every action you take is backed up with relevant data. Collect data on all your efforts, from content marketing strategies to influencer campaigns, and make it a practice to follow a data-driven approach with each decision you make. 

4. Consistency Is Key 

At the end of the day, Social Media Marketing is simply an extension of regular marketing practices. The same principles of integrated marketing are relevant here as well. 

Your brand needs to speak in the same voice across all channels. In this case, you need to ensure your brand maintains a uniform image across all digital platforms. 

Consistent conversation is key to acing your social media game.

People tend to move across different platforms throughout the day, and you want your brand to project the same values everywhere. So, whether you choose to be light-hearted or formal, you need to maintain a similar tone across all online channels. 

The best part about maintaining consistency is that a certain message or tone will always be associated with your brand, and it will help with brand recall. A great example of this is how Wendy’s suddenly gained popularity internationally after revamping their social media engagement strategy.

5. Be More Engaging And Approachable 

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages Social Media Marketing has over traditional offline marketing is the ability to hold a conversation. Social media platforms offer you the opportunity to engage with your audience and make them feel valued. 

Create relatable content to hold a conversation on social media.

Being engaging is not limited to just replying to inquiries. You need to regularly make social media posts to start a conversation among your customers and engage them with your business. The more relatable content you post online, the more approachable brand image you will retain. 

All of this will combine to build a decent brand image for your business. A brand that values its customers is the only brand they will care about. 

6. Build A Community For Your Customers 

If you were presented with two recommendations, one from a business selling their product and one from an actual person talking about their own experience, which one would you choose? 

A lot of people may trust a brand with their lives, but real opinions from real people will always have their weight in gold. 

A loyal community on social media can uplift your brand's social presence.

Building a community for your customers through social media will not only help them share their opinions but will also make them connected with the brand. The more time they spend to interact in this community, the more connected they will feel towards your brand. 

Social media offers this wonderful opportunity to make an impromptu meet and greet for your customers from all over the world at any moment. You would be remiss not to take advantage of it.

7. Be Everywhere, All The Time 

Omnipresence is definitely not underrated when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Any Social Media Marketing agency worth its salt would tell you that you need to be present on as many platforms as you can manage. 

Omni-channel marketing is key to a good social media marketing strategy.

Different platforms have their own advantages and features. Building a presence across platforms will allow you to put out different types of media and information. Taking advantage of these is what Social Media Marketing is all about. 

8. Leverage the power of influencers

Just like people have different things they are good at, businesses are the same. Unless you are a social media celebrity with millions of followers, it is best to let professionals take care of the promotions. And the best professionals in this field are social media influencers.

Utilising the power of Influencer marketing can uplift your brand

Influencers are people who are much better than you at reading a crowd and leading them on. They also have a wide base of followers who take their opinions seriously. And the best part? Any promotional material they release will stay online and gather viewers for as long as they are not taken offline. 

Social Media Marketing services offered by influencers have proven to be highly effective and very efficient in terms of ROI. 

9. Stories last forever 

This Social Media Marketing strategy is no different from its offline counterpart, traditional marketing and advertising. People love to hear a story. Using social media to share your journey with your customers is a good way to keep them with you for a long time.

Stories that are relatable have a much higher chance of grabbing your audience's attention.

And when the customers themselves are also part of the story? You get a lifetime commitment. The further they go on this journey with your brand, the more they feel involved with the brand.

Share your story, with all the ups and downs, the growths and the ecstatic feeling of success. It is definitely worth the effort. 

10. Quality Is The Ultimate Strategy 

Last but not least, always make quality content. This not only reflects your brand’s image but also validates your customers’ expectations.

Quality content is a must for social media marketing

Whether you are making simple posters, elaborate videos or playing around with memes, the quality of the content you post should remain excellent. We are not talking about the funniest-ever memes or documentary-level videos, but you should always make sure your content is of the highest quality you can provide.

Social Media Marketing is the future of marketing. It is integral to maintaining a good communication channel and raising awareness of your brand among your customers 

When you look at this list, you can ask yourself, is your Social Media Marketing strategy as effective as you want it to be? Social Media Marketing can not only increase your sales but also increase brand awareness and customer retention. 

If you want to spruce up your Social Media Marketing strategies, it’s never too late. You can take a few tips from this list or just contact us at TargetG to get professional Social Media Marketing services tailored for your brand!

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