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Expensive Customer acquisition

Traditional advertising methods often entails higher acquisition costs and present challenges of attribution and tracking. Unfortunately, this can impact Return on Investment (ROI) for real estate brands. This is where digital advertising can help in a major way to reach the target audience at significantly lower costs

360-degree solution ensuring lead conversion

Real estate brands often witness a low conversion of leads into site visits and sales because they are missing out on the benefits of comprehensive strategies for lead nurturing. While a lot does depend on an effective sales team, it is wise to harness the benefits of technology in today’s age. Online marketing, using tools such as WhatsApp for Business and drip email campaigns are particularly effective to attract targeted customers.

Slow inventory movement hits profitability

Real estate brands often suffer slow movement of their inventory due to low visibility among target audience and lack of customer engagement. This impacts their profitability and long term growth but they often cannot find the solution for overcoming this challenge

Our Solutions

What Can We Do For You

Use multiple platforms for leads

Our specialist team generates over 50,000 leads per month across the real estate sector. Tap into the expertise of our real estate marketing specialists to increase your brand’s presence across online channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail Sponsored Ads, Google Search and Display, Times Internet, Yahoo, Native and Affiliate ad networks, Gmail Sponsored Promotions, multilingual ads and Programmatic Advertising Platforms. Allowing your brand to be evidently visible is the first step towards looking for potential customers.

Turn leads into sales conversions

Instead of focussing just on Cost-Per-Lead to ensure lead effectiveness, we also take into consideration Cost-Per-Site-Visit and Cost-Per-Sale. Various lead nurturing strategies like drip e-mailers, special promotional offers and incentives help drive higher conversion rates among our target audience. Using online and social media tools, including WhatsApp for Business, helps our team to nurture and convert leads into sales.

Tell your story via social media campaigns

Knowledge of consumer insights and advanced social media analytics makes our team create meaningful and effective social media campaigns to communicate your brand’s message in an engaging way. Through customised campaigns, we develop brand messages that resonate with your target audience and build long-lasting relationships.

Real time response to environment triggers

With a team that’s dynamic, talented and can activate your campaign from inception to completion in just 24 hours, imagine what more you can do! Equipped to develop high-performing landing pages within 72 hours, and an expert social media team, we work hand in hand with you to offer positive response to market needs within tight deadlines. This can help your brand respond to what is happening in the market in real-time and make a lasting impact within your community.

Team collaboration generates higher returns

We work closely with your sales team, through daily, weekly and monthly reports, to optimise campaigns and ad spends. This helps us generate financial returns that are five times greater than traditional advertising. Once you hire us, we are an extension of your marketing and sales teams, working with a single objective of ensuring returns.

Create compelling video content

Videos help in fostering engagement, yielding results like click-through, lead generation, shares, and sales. They also provide 80% higher conversion rates on a landing page. Our team of video production specialists use this potential to deliver engaging video content that will appeal to your audience and drive organic growth to your website.

Vernacular ads to foster greater engagement

In a country as diverse as India, it is important to address communities in the language that they prefer. We help you in this regard by creating region-specific vernacular ads that are based on your audience profile, keeping in mind all sensitivities. This helps your brand message to reach a wider audience and produce measurable results.

Use SEO to drive organic traffic

Our expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is geared towards driving large volumes of organic traffic to your website. We guarantee results through a combination of various on-page and off-page SEO services such as competitor analysis, website speed optimisation, CTR-optimised meta tags, creation of AMP pages and regular website monitoring for errors.

Create content that boosts engagement

Our team of experienced content marketers ideate, create and amplify content to help in brand building and customer engagement. Our result-oriented content marketing strategies are guaranteed to help build a credible brand image and establish an engaging relationship with your customers.

We generate high-end leads with the best real estate developers

Shout out for the best deliverables in the real estate industy with the best developers. Just say hello and drop a message to generate best leads for your industry. Once your details are added you’ll recieve a call from one of our expert growth marketer shortly.

We optimise not only  CPL, ,but CPV and CPS as well!

We’ve got a groundbreaking list of developers in the real estate industry and surely we’ll deliver the best for your industry. Get in touch now!


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