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Multilingual Marketing Can Boost Business Growth

Multilingual Marketing Can Boost Business Growth

Multilingual marketing, as the name suggests, is a digital marketing concept that entails carrying out marketing initiatives in multiple languages.

English might be a widely spoken language but 70% of online content consumers are not native English speakers. Seventy-five percent of internet users make vital buying decisions based on the fact that the service and product descriptions are in a language they speak.

Generally, most people will read these stats and forget about them. But for an organization that is actively trying to grow, it represents a business opportunity. When a business offers marketing materials in different languages, the company opens itself to a broader audience. This broadening of the linguistic horizon will help in effectively reaching an increased number of potential customers across different cultures.

Talking about India, the country has 22 officially-recognized languages. This multilingual society creates a distinct marketing opportunity for your business, particularly for those using only English. Offering your marketing materials in multiple regional languages enhances your company’s visibility to a broader audience.

3 Reasons why a business should invest in multilingual marketing:

  • Opens up new markets: According to stats, 50% of the online content is in English, whereas only 27% of the global population are native English speakers. This data translates to over 70% of the internet users are automatically being excluded from your target audience. By adapting multilingual marketing strategies, you can capture a new market share in your own territory.
  • Cost-effective in nature: Expanding a business in a new location involves huge amounts of investments, such as new premises, overhead costs, new employees, etc. You can expand your business’s digital presence by incurring a lesser cost by hiring a team of experts to translate your website and marketing content. Your team that understands global-level SEO can launch and sustain a multilingual website. This, in turn, makes it easier for you to access and monitor multi-territory activities from your business headquarters.
  • Quick SEO wins: There is no denying the fact that organic search delivers a good return on investment and fantastic value. The best way to rank at the top in multiple languages is by launching language-specific sub-directories hosting translated website versions. Since stable businesses already have established domains, it can be assumed that the website already has some level of authority.  

Some major pointers to consider before getting on the multilingual marketing bandwagon include:

  • Know your target audience: Study your audience, create user personas and focus on publishing content in 2-3 widely spoken languages to boost visibility.
  • Prioritise white space in design: White space is the space between the paragraphs, headlines,  blurbs, button and so on. A brand message in Punjabi might be conveyed in just a line, providing enough space not to make the design look crammed, but when translating it in Tamil, it might need more space. So, it is vital to agile design templates for making changes as and when required.
  • Get the relevant writers: A direct content translator from Google might not help in your multilingual marketing execution. Hiring writers who are fluent in local languages aids the company in adding emotion and depth to the message that the ad or copy is trying to convey.
  • Multilingual SEO: The keywords that work in one language might not work for another language. This presents the need to select and optimize for different languages on your website so that customers speaking different languages can find you. You can also apply the same technique to link building i.e. you can boost your website SEO based on specific languages by linking other websites in the target language.
  • Understanding cultural background: An electrician or a skilled professional working in Delhi, India, will have an entirely different view from an electrician in Rajasthan. To build impactful marketing strategies, it is vital to ensure that they are relevant to the maximum people in your target audience. Hiring local writers having knowledge of cultures, attitudes, and ways of living will help.

Multilingual marketing has been there for a long time. But not everyone may know its benefits or how to execute it. Partnering with a company that has expertise in carrying out multilingual marketing strategies will be beneficial for your business.

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