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The Importance of High-Quality Visual Content

Social Media Visuals

The Importance of High-Quality Visual Content

The Hi-tech, digitally driven society has transformed the business landscape. The new “internet age”  is a crowded space, with many people trying to network across several social media platforms using various creative content and high-quality visuals.

A recent report demonstrates, with the rise in technology, there is a critical 88% drop in the human ability to focus. This implies, Your target audience now finds extensive content marketing tedious and time-consuming.

Demonstrate your product to your audience.

Focus on engaging, appealing and high-quality visuals, if you want to bring to the table something that adds value, and not noise.Good visuals can engage your audience, on the other hand bad visuals can devalue your product or service completely.

Look at the image below, which one entices you more?

Engaging Visuals

Poorly crafted, pixilated, and pirated stock pictures with a watermark across the picture can cheese people off. Images are known to narrate a story. Your ultimate goal of converting leads to customers can be achieved by using crisp, clear and visually attractive images. And high-quality visuals suggest that your services/products are high- calibre.

Therefore, using high-quality visuals attracts more visitors to your website. Which in-turn helps boost your site’s SEO and minimizes the bounce rate. It also increases user engagement time, and gives you more opportunity to sell your product. 

What makes a high-quality Visual?

1.Image Speed 

What good is a high-quality visual, if your audience clicks off the page even before it loads? 

Speed is the most important factors. The smaller the file size is, the quicker it loads. Therefore, finding the correct balance between resolution and speed is essential in maintaining the crispness of the image


Every image comprises of a number of building blocks also known as pixels. Therefore, bigger the number of pixels the more detailed the image. In other words, an image with higher pixels is sharper and shows more detail in comparison to a picture with low pixels. Low-quality images or image pixelation is mostly caused by resizing a small image to make it larger. Enlarging a small image only changes the size of the image, and not the resolution!

3.Digital Noise
The term “Digital Noise” points toward visual distortion and discolouration of a photograph. Noise in an image has an unpleasant effect. It instantly makes your image look inferior and distracting. Your audience will focus on the grainy areas instead of the important elements.

Digital Noise

Visual design is more than what meets the eye! Since we have defined good visuals and bad ones, we have listed a few tips on how your visuals can make a lasting impact on your audience. 

1.Take stock of your visuals

Marketers have tested the results achieved using stock images and original images, and the results are not surprising. Stock images are an easily accessible option.However, it would be embarrassing if you shared a similar stock image as your competitors.

In the rat race of marketing campaigns, your stock images are likely to get lost on social media. Buying stock images for a nominal rate could be a cost-effective option. However, paying a higher price for premium stock libraries means you have access to exclusive or near-exclusive images, this means your audience has most likely not seen these visuals before  

Original Photography

Nonetheless we’d recommend using original photographs. Creating your own images by a designer, or a professional photographer is the holy grail of social media marketing. Original photos are product and audience-targeted, in addition, to being unique and eye-catching 

2.Image File Name

Give your file a relevant name, with appropriate keywords. Googles SEO starter guide quotes “Like many of the other parts of the page targeted for optimization, filenames are best when they are short but descriptive.”Google detects keyword stuffing as spam, not ideal right? 

We’d suggest using a maximum of four words, separating them with hyphens. For example, your image name is “imagesearchengineoptimization.JPG”. Google might not be able to separate and understand the words, a better choice would be “image-search-engine-optimization.JPG”

3.Visual Style

Your brand voice must resonate with your customers. Keep your visual identity consistent across all platforms. Standardize you fonts, images, colour palettes, layouts & logos to create a unique space for yourself.It helps create cohesion among marketers in your business, it also helps customers differentiate you from your competitors 

4.Relevant Images

One image can build an entire story in the mind and imagination of your audience. This is why any visual you use must contribute to your audience’s understanding of your product or service.

Here is an example where WWF Singapore makes a connection between an affluent lifestyle and the environment in a series of tic tac toe advertisements  “It’s Your Turn. Visit“.

We are loving the minimalistic creativity in this one!

Relevant Images

In conclusion, quoting Donna Moritz-” Visual content must attract attention, entice action and inspire advocacy”.

Kick your visual content up a notch , contact us today!

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