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Voice for diverse needs

The target audience for a brand operating in the healthcare sector is as diverse as it could be: patient demographics are varied and identifying categories can be quite a challenge, since most healthcare providers, hospitals and private clinics provide a range of multispecialty services. Patients are now more aware of their rights to correct information. Hence, brands need to focus on a cross-channel marketing mix that can encompass the diverse needs of patients and offer informative and interactive content to educate patients.

Harness benefits of online platforms

Apart from booking appointments, patients, nowadays engage a lot more online to look for recommendations and post reviews of medical services they received. Hence healthcare service providers need to be present not just across all digital platforms to attract clients but also need to engage in regular reputation, audit and management. This requires a special set of skills in order to ensure higher returns on investment.

Ensuring brand credibility

With lives at stake, literally, the risks of operating in the healthcare sector are naturally high!  A brand has to design content to educate, inform and also safeguard against any unfortunate circumstances. Winning and retaining a patient’s trust in the brand needs to be a 24×7 job for 365 days of the year and this can be expensive for brands unless they hire the right team.

Our Solutions

What Can We Do For You

Content marketing is the answer

Our team customises targeted content to cater to the needs of such a diverse demography. Then, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists customise a variety of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to drive organic growth of your website. This helps you engage in an interactive relationship with your patients and establishes your brand as a credible industry leader.

Brand growth via Performance marketing

Allowing your brand to be discoverable is the first step towards looking for potential customers. We create high performing landing pages, which are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) enabled, allowing higher quality leads at a lower cost per appointment. Tap into the expertise of our performance marketing specialists to increase your brand’s presence across online channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail Sponsored Ads, Yahoo, Google Search and Display, TrueCaller, Taboola, Gmail Sponsored Promotions and Programmatic advertising. 

Create a buzz on social media

Engaging more and more social media campaigns related to healthcare will not only help your brand build a credible image but also reach out to masses more effectively. We create informative content that resonates with patients and run social media awareness campaigns to help build brands.

Create compelling video content

Videos help in fostering engagement and provide 80% higher conversion rates on a landing page. Our team of video production specialists use this potential to deliver engaging video content that will appeal to your audience and drive organic growth to your website.

Vernacular content touches hearts

In a country as diverse as India, it is important to address communities in the language that they prefer. We help you in this regard by creating region-specific vernacular ads that are based on your audience profile, keeping in mind all sensitivities. This helps your brand message to reach a wider audience and produce measurable results.

we help Health industries to generate leads

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