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Telling your unique brand story

More and more educational institutions are now responding to market demands and offering customised courses, suitable for all kinds of learners across various age groups. While this is great from a customer point of view, we understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult for a new institution to make a mark in the already overcrowded education sector. So how will your voice reach out to your target audience?

Forging a relationship based on trust

In many cases, a school is a child’s first foray into a formal environment outside the shelter of his home. Hence most parents take utmost care to choose a safe, nurturing environment to further their child’s education. Winning a parent’s trust, and maintaining it, is therefore crucial for an educational institution. 

Continuous conversations about your brand

Although, admission season is crucial for generating business for an educational institution, work on attracting the right audience needs to begin much earlier and continue on an ongoing basis to grow and build a credible brand. This means the educational institution needs to have a team dedicated towards generating continuous positive and engaging buzz around their offerings.

Our Solutions

What Can We Do For You

Know and target your audience

Our experts know just how to penetrate through the noise and make themselves heard. With years of experience in driving organic traffic to websites, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists and content team work together to customise a variety of on-page and off-page SEO techniques. This helps your brand become more visible to target customers and helps to increase leads.

Ensuring better conversions

Overcome the hurdle of converting leads into revenue by using cost-effective and influential methods of lead nurturing. Use the help of technology through e-mail marketing and WhatsApp for Business to engage with those who have shown interest in your institution. Positive engagement always encourages higher enrolments and helps organisations build long lasting relationships.

Brand growth via Performance Marketing

Tap into the expertise of our performance marketing specialists to increase your brand’s presence across online channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail Sponsored Ads, Yahoo, Google Search and Display, TrueCaller, Taboola, Gmail Sponsored Promotions and Programmatic advertising. Allowing your brand to be evidently visible is the first step towards looking for potential customers

Leads generation via effective landing pages

Every educational institution wants their brand to reach out and target the right students. Our handpicked team of social media experts will help you create the perfect landing page, optimised with high-performance AMP to help you enrol more students.

Influencer marketing helps brand credibility

Who does not know that influencer marketing can help build credibility and trust in an institution, especially a new one, as both parents and students are likely to trust recommendations from influencers they believe in. Choosing and working with the right influencer is therefore critical for telling your brand story.

Build tomorrow’s leaders today

Every new institution starts out with the dream of becoming a reputed expert in a field, but gaining this brand recognition and building trust takes time and effort. Our team is here to help you with whatever it takes for you to reach the top. Effective content marketing will ensure that you build nurturing relationships with students and parents and strengthen your brand name over the years.

We help you to generate leads

TargetG is best known for its deliverables and customer centricism. Are you looking to increase leadsa for your industry? you’re at the right place, just drop us a text, and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly.

Find the best digital channels for your industry!

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