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Digital Marketing Trends That Makes Your Life Easier

Social Media

Digital Marketing Trends That Makes Your Life Easier

The Digital Marketing Trends started to roll out in the mid-1989 commercially and has rapidly grown to a large extent with respect to not just commercialization but communication as well. Before the Internet, to keep up with the daily news, you had to walk down to the local newsstand early in the morning and buy a newspaper that reported what happened yesterday, all over the globe.

But today, every household has an internet connection and it has reached a point where one click is enough to keep ourselves updated with the news every minute.

Users increased the internet developed. therefore From posting letters to Email; from shopping in the markets to purchasing on e-commerce sites. The Internet plays a major role in every individual’s life. It almost has become affordable and easily accessible. It has changed we used to interact with others.

Rise of Digital Media

Internet rising

Back in the day, in 2008, Orkut was the most popular social media platform among us and now one can’t imagine how social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat, and others have brought influence in the lives of mobile users. Everyone shows their day to day activities on all social media platforms, getting others to know one is through social media.

More than watching the television or listening to the radio, little smartphones have taken over the world in terms of communication, getting news updates, and shopping online. Reaching customers has become easier these days. Facebook India alone has about 220 million users and 71 million users monthly on Instagram.

Many e-commerce sites like Myntra, Amazon have risen incredibly, delivering products and services at your doorstep is not very tough. Ordering fresh-cut vegetables to your home was never thought of and working professionals who have a busy time at their work can enjoy this luxury. It all happens because of digital marketing trends.

But what do these digital marketing trends mean for the future of marketing?


Email marketing



Inbox which is more visual, and also interactive. This gives users to more control.

All attachments will be previewed before downloading them. Contact photos will be more prominent with people we’re close to. We will be able to organize the inbox with gestures and emails according to priority. Our inbox will be more interactive and 3d interface is sure to come our way.

you will also get paid with respect to the quality of emails and that also means less junk.


SMS marketing


In reality, SMS is fast and efficient. This platform does not require any app or data to send or receive the message. We can decide to send a text to thousands with bulk messaging. It is less complicated or not complicated at all. Very easy when it comes to composing a message and cheaper.

With AI and machine learning on the rise, marketers can target subscribers based on their behavior or purchasing habits. Business has more opportunities to reach out to customers as they spend about 4 hours a day using mobile phones.

Social Media


Social Media Marketing

It seems like the Majority of marketers now look for success in social media. Along with the help of other marketing channels like Email, SMS etc Social Media Marketing is considered one of the effective digital marketing trends channels to retain customers. For the reason that It has become an important part of every digital marketing plan.

Small cities and towns are now digitally connected, startups launching in remote areas are reaching the global audience via social media. Such is the impact of social media. Marketing on social media is affordable. Brands have grown big using social platforms. Many companies are heavily investing in digital marketing activities. Usage of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc wisely can help you grow your brand recognition. However, the bottom line is to increase sales.

The best thing is that Facebook and Instagram are user-friendly. What your customer thinks and wants has never been this easy, customer insights are available on all social sites and it helps the client to devise products and services accordingly.


  • Brand awareness
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Increased traffic
  • Customer Satisfaction

As said earlier, the traditional way of advertising will go on but digital marketing is on the rise like never before. Adopting new technology is on a day to day basis and its easier to reach out to target customers than before. Customers enjoy the convenience of using the technology. The scope is wide and revenues will double.

If your organization is in need of expansion into digital marketing, just get in touch today with us.

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