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Digital Marketing Guide for Real Estate

Best marketing guide for Real estate Marketing 2021

Digital Marketing Guide for Real Estate

Digital marketing has grown to become a powerful tool for all businesses. Across various industries, digital marketing can bring more exposure and accelerate your leads. But before we get into the technical aspects, understand why you need to pay attention to digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Breaking Barriers

Remember, when the best way to advertise and catch a person’s eye was a billboard? But what happens to your marketing strategy when a pandemic like COVID-19 locks everyone indoors? How do you keep your business afloat? 

Apart from situations, you cannot control; there is another reason to turn to digital marketing for real estate—the Bandwagon effect. While you ponder whether or not this is ideal, your competitors are whisking away potential clients because of their online presence.

Digital marketing for real estate breaks barriers, and allows the audience to request for more information, take a virtual tour of the space from home, compare prices and alternatives quickly and speak to a consultant too.

Real estate Marketing 2021

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Real Estate Developers

  • Cost efficiency: Real estate projects cost massive amounts. Digital marketing is cost-efficient as it is available at lower prices than traditional marketing. 
  • Exposure: Expand your reach and target focus through digital marketing.
  • Analysis: Digital marketing makes it possible to conduct real-time research on advertisement performances. This allows you to identify the right marketing approach that works best and what in particular is attracting your audience.
  • Creativity: Creative freedom allows you to create social media posts that appeal to the audience on the chosen social networking platform.
  • Brand building: Real estate developers can communicate a strong presence through digital marketing.

Now that you are clear on what you stand to gain let’s move to how you can make these benefits yours. Here are the top digital marketing strategies you need to focus on when starting on with digital marketing


A website is a window that tells the audience who you are as a business and what you can do for them. Real estate developers usually select a website theme that is on the severe side. It is not pop-art and fun, but instead reflects the elegance or style of the property itself.

If the property is high-end, luxurious condos or apartments, the website will have images of the same and give off that vibe. On the other hand, if it is a homepage that showcases various properties, it will have one image of either the latest property, best-selling property or customer feedback. 

The website should not confuse customers. Keep it simple and easy to navigate. Remember who your audience is. Observe competitor websites and structure your theme and template according to what you want to show your audience. 

A website is much needed while creating a Google My Business page and advertisements.


Real estate attracts a specific audience that is looking for the kind of homes, apartments or condos that you are offering. Now, depending on your product/service, structure your content accordingly. 

For example, John wants to find an apartment on MG Road, Bangalore. When he does a Google search, he will type in “apartments in MG Road”, “Apartments near MG Road”, “Apartments near me”.

These are called keywords. John has used keywords to reflect his search. He did not specify what kind of apartment. After seeing his options, he might narrow down his search to “luxury apartments”, “apartments for students”, “budget apartments” or even “pet-friendly apartments”. It all depends on his preference and priority. 

The content you create has to encompass all these queries, that is, keywords. If you write blogs centred around Best Apartments- nobody will know why it is the best and why they should click on it. “Best Apartments for Students” is a direct call to a particular audience. 

Using keywords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogs, social media posts, google and Facebook advertisement, polls, tweets are content delivery options. Real estate developers need to go the extra mile with creative infographics, videos and intriguing images of the properties and amenities available, that entice viewers and convince them to make a booking. 

While creating content for a real estate website, use a checklist to verify whether or not your audience will be satisfied. (Fill out the form to download the checklist)


    A google search appears faster than you can spell Google! Now imagine someone looking for their dream home. It’s not the same as shopping for clothing or gadgets. What pops up first on the Search Results page, people click on because they assume it is the best. Why else would it be on the top? 

    SEO is the answer. 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tool through which you optimize your content and polish it, so that appears as an answer when your audience asks their questions. 

    SEO sounds simple. But it takes a lot of hard work and attention to content. 

    Partner With A Digital Marketing Professional

    A digital marketing professional is well-versed with the complexities of digital marketing. With their experience and ideas, you can go beyond the usual. Real estate is huge and wants to attract the right audience. 

    Content marketers and SEO experts can do the groundwork right up to the final product for you. Real estate is a niche business. Copying content and SEO strategies from your competitors will tarnish your new image. A professionally designed marketing strategy can attract property buyers who search for properties online. 


    Digital advertisements are easy to create, track, analyze and aim at your target audience to drive more business. There are numerous social networking platforms to choose from as your marketing platform, based on goals and target audience. In a survey of representatives of the real estate industry in the United States, it was found that in 2019 the sector spent 35.2 billion. U.S Ad spending in the Digital Advertising market is projected to reach US$2,265m in 2020. These statistics are proof that real estate developers are turning to the benefits digital marketing has to offer.

    Digital Marketing Guide for Real Estate

    Using optimized images, titles and creative ad copy, ads show up as a Google Search ad. Advertisements can be cost per click and highly competitive, especially in real estate.

    Google My Business 

    Through digital marketing, you can drive visits to your properties by posting on Google My Business Listings. This allows you to show up on a Google search and drive traffic to your website. Users can view directions to your property (office) and scroll through reviews too. 


    Adding a chatbot to your website can be very beneficial to you as a business. Assure your customers that they are being heard and you are available 24×7 to talk. Multiple plug-ins allow you to add a chatbot to your website. A chatbot need not have all the answers but can ask all the relevant questions. Once you receive the queries, your team can reply via email. 

    The upside of a chatbot plug-in is that when customers send in queries, you receive their details (with their consent) and you have the opportunity to convert them into leads. 

    Repurposing Content

    After setting up your website, post useful insights about your properties, customers experiences and feedback, features, USPs on your blog site. Blogs are the best way to integrate SEO. 

    Repurposing content is a digital marketing term that refers to re-using content but for different purposes across various platforms. For instance, you posted a blog titled The Best Properties in Bangalore. Take the synopsis of the blog and create social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    Use the statistics mentioned in your blog on LinkedIn in the form of a poll or question. You can also post the link to the blog and remind your target audience what they are missing out on.


    Time is of the essence. When customers reach out, respond within a defined time frame. If you keep people waiting, you will lose customers. Now, customer reviews are readily available on Google, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other chat groups. 

    If a customer shares an unpleasant experience online, it can affect your goodwill. Professional digital marketers know how to navigate through these situations. No, we do not recommend deleting any comments. 


    Now that you have the introduction to digital marketing for real estate guide, you can begin working on your digital marketing campaigns, or you can get in touch with TargetG and let us do the job for you.

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