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Why choose Blockchain-Powered Digital Certificates?

Blockchain-Powered Digital Certificates

Why choose Blockchain-Powered Digital Certificates?

  • Lack of streamlined internal processes 
  • A growing number of fake certificates

Are two major challenges currently faced by education and training institutions. 

Managing an educational institute successfully is challenging. It requires huge amounts of resources, effort and time. Most processes are repetitive in nature, such as student admissions, assessments, issuing certificates, HR and staffing, placement support, and employee payroll. As executing these tasks may affect daily functioning, there’s a need to streamline everyday processes. 

Streamlining the internal processes increases the overall efficiency of an institute. According to McKinsey, in about 60 percent of occupations, at least one-third of the activities that make up a specific job could be automated. Taking advantage of automation has the potential to make everyday work — and lives — better.

On the other hand, lack of quality education and the desire to succeed is pushing individuals to the edge. To battle the rising competition, graduates and working professionals are pursuing certificate courses and gaining extra qualifications to make themselves employable. This has also led to the rise in fake degree programs and diploma mills. 

Highlighting one such scenario is Al Jazeera‘s documentary. It details how several professionals in Malaysia have fake certificates. However, this problem is not only limited to Malaysia but plagues the entire world.

A foolproof solution to this problem can be blockchain technology. It brings never-seen-before parameters such as transparency and traceability, ensuring trust for students, educational institutes and recruiters.

A study conducted by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) found the benefits of blockchain in the areas of digital credentialing, educational certification and training. Blockchain-powered digital certificates establish unalterable links between educational institutes and graduates receiving it. Thereby, bringing transparency to the entire certification process. A blockchain-powered digital certificate is a powerful tool that students can utilize to prove their skills and establish their distinct identities with just a few clicks.

This is where the Certif-ID platform will be helpful for educational institutions. It is built on Ethereum Blockchain.

Whether a technical training center or an academic institute, on Certif-ID they can directly issue digital certificates based on blockchain to graduates. The issued digital certificates are secure and verifiable in nature. Thereby, making them hard to tamper with and removing the possibility of counterfeiting. This ensures increased security and trust in the entire certification process.

Four reasons why you need to shift to blockchain-powered certificates

  1. Assuring identity and credibility

A digital certificate on Certif-ID will act as a Skills-ID that cannot be tampered with. Individuals receiving it can share it with potential recruiters and prove their candidature conveniently. 

  1. Enabling easy profile authentication

Digital certificates anchored in blockchain technology are encrypted. It contains an unchangeable link between the institute issuing it and the graduate receiving it. The issuing authority has complete control over the digital certificate, restricting third parties or graduates receiving the certificate to alter it. This ensures the integrity of data.

  1. Minimizing fake degrees

Digital certificates issued on Certif-ID are different because they are issued on the blockchain. It enables easy profile authentication and ensures trust. The institution issuing the digital certificate can be traced, minimizing the incidences of fake degrees.

  1. Bridging the gap between graduates and recruiters

Graduates with relevant skills can showcase their skills via digital certificates. Not only can recruiters gauge whether a candidate is apt for a job but they can also verify it instantly. When graduates are equipped with employable skills that are backed by verifiable digital certificates, new avenues of contemporary career paths open up for them.

Certif-ID is offering a combination of major advantages of blockchain technology, which is beneficial to the education sector.

To know more about how it integrates educational institutes, experts and recruiters on one single platform, you can book a demo or write to us here.

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