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Author: Ahmed Shaikh

7 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page

7 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page

A correctly designed landing page improves the conversation rate of your marketing campaigns. A landing page should be as simple and effective as possible to convert your audience into potential buyers. A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are designed in a way so that a...

7 ways to get clients on Linkedin

7 ways to get clients on Linkedin

Have you reached a stalemate on LinkedIn? Are you unsure how to use the platform effectively? Don't worry, we've got you covered! We've included a rundown of our LinkedIn routines that have helped us generate a lot of traction. We hope this aids you in your planning! Linkedin is one of the most effective channels for promoting your...

Navigating Online Reputation Management

Negative Feedback Online? Here’s Your Way Out

In December 2020, Google faced an unseen outage, and all sites shut down. People were locked out of their meetings automatically, Youtube stopped playing favourite tracks, and OK Google appeared Not So Okay. As a result, numerous brands took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social networking platforms to ask Google what was going on? Of course,...

Top 5 social media marketing tools

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Marketing is like a trifle dessert that has many layers. There are more layers than you see. As a business, social media platforms are a brilliant way to keep your audience in the loop about what you are doing. Interacting with your audience shows that you care. It solidifies the buyer-seller relationship. Reaching out to...

digital certificates platforms

Top 6 EdTech and digital certificates platforms

Most companies and higher education institutions ask prospects to provide digital copies of their certificates. Being able to show digital copies might be convenient, but it is also easy to fake. Digital certificates are an answer to the rise in 'fake certificates and transcripts’. Digital credentials are rapidly replacing paper certificates, making forgery more difficult.  With digital certificates,...

digital marketing agency

Data-Driven insights to power customer acquisition in BFSI

More and more individuals are increasingly managing their everyday lives digitally. This task the financial marketers to find unconventional ways to reach these individuals via mobile and online channels. As per Mintel, top banks are increasing their digital advertising investments to aid personalized messaging. Still, there are several banks that are stuck with traditional ways of...

Multilingual Marketing Can Boost Business Growth

Multilingual marketing, as the name suggests, is a digital marketing concept that entails carrying out marketing initiatives in multiple languages. English might be a widely spoken language but 70% of online content consumers are not native English speakers. Seventy-five percent of internet users make vital buying decisions based on the fact that the service and product descriptions are...

Blockchain-Powered Digital Certificates

Why choose Blockchain-Powered Digital Certificates?

Lack of streamlined internal processes  A growing number of fake certificates Are two major challenges currently faced by education and training institutions.  Managing an educational institute successfully is challenging. It requires huge amounts of resources, effort and time. Most processes are repetitive in nature, such as student admissions, assessments, issuing certificates, HR and staffing, placement support, and...

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