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7 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page

7 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page

7 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page

A correctly designed landing page improves the conversation rate of your marketing campaigns. A landing page should be as simple and effective as possible to convert your audience into potential buyers.

A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are designed in a way so that a visitor can convert to a customer. 

It is pretty noticeable that all high converting landing pages have some successful vital elements in common. There are a few points to be considered before designing a high converting landing page.

 Some core elements of a high-converting landing page are as follows:

1. Attractive headline

The headline captures the attention of the visitor and acquaints them with your offer.

The headline should be specific to the content. It should quickly reflect the visitor’s expectations and why your product or service is the solution they are looking for.

2. Captivating content and image

While framing the content, remember that the content must target the right audience. Explain the benefits of your offering and avoid passive voice.

Visual content plays a significant role in grabbing your audience’s attention and demonstrating the relevance of your product/service to your visitors.

3. Positioning the landing page content

The landing page that hooks the audience needs certain elements to be positioned accurately:

  • Valuable headline
  • High-quality Image(s)
  • Videos(s)
  • A brief description of your product and services(highlight benefits)
  • A form with a highlighted call to action button
  • Make it plausible (testimonial and contact information)

4. Visual Content

A high converting landing page blends the power of text and visuals, thus encouraging users to step ahead in their buying journey. If the content is visually appealing, the product benefits on display but not distracting, chances to hold a visitor’s attention and convince them to make a purchase are probably higher. Videos are an excellent option to stand out and help the user get a sneak peek or detailed knowledge about the offer, product or service.

This way, you can develop a landing page that converts visitors into loyal customers by using the right visuals.

5. Call to Action (CTA)

The motive of the landing page is to get that desirable click on the CTA button. To draw visitors’ attention to the action button, highlight it on the landing page.

The  CTA, which emphasizes more on value than action, usually executes better results.

Example:{  Download Ebook } button will not seek for desirable action, but {Grab your free Ebook now } button will get more clicks.

6. Landing page loading time

According to a source, an ideal landing page load time should be between 3 to 5 seconds for mobile view. You must ensure that the use of third-party codes does not slow down the site’s loading time.

One of the main components is to ensure that the site is mobile-friendly as people tend to use their phones to access the internet quickly.

A seamless user experience is achieved by having a landing page that loads quickly.

7. Social proof

Humans are gregarious and risk-taking creatures. Our doubts are dispelled when we observe how much other people love a product or service. Social proof is often seen as the most valuable aspect, which easily persuades other people to make a purchase.

If you have a clear goal to achieve from your landing page, then the above-listed elements can help you make a desirable impression on your visitor and perform as a high converting landing page. Your landing page is vital to your conversions, and now you can get it right!

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