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A Career in Digital Marketing

A Career in Digital Marketing

Why choose a  Career in Digital Marketing?

Every business wants to reach out to consumers to sell the products and services. It was through advertising on billboards, newspapers, flyers, radios, and television. Businesses sold their products on a large scale with the help of advertisements like the above-mentioned ones. Things have changed in the 21st century. It is the age of technology. Everything around you is powered by tech. Every person on the planet has a mobile phone with them. Because it’s used to its fullest capacity from video calling their friend in another country to order groceries online and choosing a career in digital marketing, however, might seem the right choice.

It is a booming and trending industry with numerous roles. Digital marketing is a creative field and for people with the right skills and strategy.

Let us see what roles a digital marketer can play.

SEO Specialist

Career in digital marketing

Perhaps, one of the important roles in this industry is Search Engine Optimization. The primary role of a SEO specialist is to increase the website traffic, rank the website on to the first page of Google. Research on Keywords using relevant strategies. On page and Off page analysis of clients in various industries. SEO Specialist also contributes blogs for website optimization.

As Digital marketing is on the rise, SEO becomes a vital part of the industry.

Content Marketer

Content Marketing

This role demands to create content for the website, write blogs, guest blogging, email creation.

The content writer creates content that the client wants which leads to the conversion process. Create, improve the content that the audience is looking for.

The content marketer should be creative and updated with the current trends with respect to Digital marketing.


Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search

It is a process of gaining traffic through paid and non paid activities.

Understanding the goals of the ad campaigns which includes the target audience, right keywords, setting up the budget and duration. However, making the right creatives or piece of information which eventually takes the user to the right page.

It is also known as Paid search advertising, Pay per Click(PPC)

Social Media Expert

Social Media Expert


As the mobile phone users are on the rise, therefore increase in social media users. Marketing your business on social media is very important for every business these days. Facebook and Instagram are playing a huge role in the daily lives of every user. Showing all the users on these platforms will help every client in spreading awareness, increasing sales. It enhances the social media presence of the client and the interaction with the target audience.

This industry is growing at a fast pace. Adopting digital marketing for your business and it will make your life easier. All of the above roles are on demand and are highly paid as well.


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  • Priya Singh
    02/06/2019 6:49 am

    Great post. Thanks for providing a detailed article.
    I appreciate the kind words you wrote and I’m glad that you found some information that can help you with your site.

  • reshma
    28/11/2019 5:16 am

    Let me explain to you on what Digital Marketing is. Digital Marketing is a process where we use Digital platforms like the search engine, emails, videos, apps to reach to our prospective customers who would be willing to pay for our products or services. And that’s the reason why every business exists. To sell their products or services and make some great profits or returns.

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