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Use social media outlets to connect with your audience in order to boost sales, and generate website traffic.


Increase your customers' purchase intent by including display advertisements.

Bulk SMS Marketing services


Manage and nurture your leads in order to turn them into customers.


Deliver relevant messages in real-time to promote your brand and create an online presence.


We've got you covered whether it's a lead, a sale, a click, or something more!


Make your brand more visible by employing eye-catching videos.

Reach new audiences with Data-Driven Marketing. TargetG is one of the top 10 best digital marketing companies in Bangalore.

We follow a data-driven approach to marketing. Choosing the right channel based on data insights from campaigns. Right channel, right message at the right time. Our multi-channel, online advertising services increase ROI, response rates, and generate leads.


Data-driven campaigns

With over 200 data points, we can pin-point accuracy when reaching your target audience across all digital channels.

Customer journey optimisation

Our digital marketing agency services and campaign management expertise will help create a seamless customer journey

Offline to online

Bring your offline customer base online and increase high-quality customer lifetime value.

Drive in-store footfall

As one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, Bangalore, we can help you engage online with your target audience and help increase footfall in-store.


B2C lead generation

Only pay for the leads we generate. We offer both raw lead and verified and interested lead models.

B2B lead generation

CXOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers across all verticals.

Facebook lead generation

We have a fixed price and a percentage of spend models available

LinkedIn lead generation

Complete lead generation management from the world’s largest business social network


Pricing models

Full range of pricing models offered to match your requirements. CPL, CPM, CPC, Cost per SMS, Cost Per Email, and Cost Per Open.

Channel optimisation

We follow a holistic approach to digital campaigns testing and optimising across all channels to ensure an optimum spend to ROI ratio.


Retargeting potential users can be an effective tactic in campaigns drawn up by our experts.  Low cost and high ROI.

Content optimisation

Receive feedback and recommendations from our experts on creatives and content to accelerate highest levels of engagement and conversions from Ads.

TargetG = Target Growth

We are a Bangalore-based digital marketing company.
Our primary goal is to plan, develop, and implement a variety of digital marketing agency services and campaigns across social media, email marketing, SEO, and Google AdWords.
We are constantly striving to make our clients omnipresent leading to increasing brand presence and lead generation.
So, let’s collaborate together to enhance your brand!
Reach out to us if you’re looking for a growth-oriented adventure! 

top 10 best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore
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Happy Clients

"Very Engaging with their work and have helped with Customer Acquisition with their Targeted Marketing via Emails, SMS and Data Driven Social Campaign Strategies."


Happy Clients

“In only 2 months, we have engaged with thousands of customers in Bangalore. TargetG’s Facebook & Instagram lead generation campaigns have delivered new subscriptions, exceeding our expectations!"


Digital Insights

Think of Digital Marketing as a Trifle dessert. There are multiple layers to it. But TargetG knows the recipe by heart! Our team of creative and resilient digital ninjas can draw up a digital marketing strategy to align with and achieve your goals!

Why We Are The Best Digital Marketing Company:

  • Garnered insight and expertise by working with a range of industries.
  • A dedicated team in all facets of digital marketing agency.
  • Offering the best solutions possible! You name it, and we’ve got it!

PS: We’re great to work with! (At least, according to our testimonials!)


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